Dates – The Annual Brandon Folk, Music & Art Festival will be held on July 21st, 2018, noon till dark, in Princess Park, Downtown Brandon. Admission is Free!

To volunteer – Learn more about volunteering HERE or email is at folkfestvolunteer@gmail.com

To be a food or craft vendor – Email us at underthecanvas@gmail.com

Community Programs – New! Do you have a hobby, a passion, a skill, or something you love doing for family and friends, that you would like to share with the public? Please let us know! Jamming? Playing a strange instrument or a not so strange instrument? Bookmaking? Carving? If we can turn that into a wonderful little bit of programming, we’d love to do that. Do you make piñatas? Paint? Fix bikes? Have a dance group? Yoga? We’d love to hear from you: brandonfolkfestival@gmail.com

Donate – Admission is Free this year! All funds donated will be used to support and develop future festivals:

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