Sol James

SolJames Winnipeg-based Sol James is a force to be reckoned with, with a voice to match. Nicknamed the “Aretha Franklin of country,” Sol delivers her own unique take on roots/blues with a soulful flair, blending jazz, soul, R&B and funk with voice both powerful as it is up-lifting.

Her music is described as joyful and honest, leaving audiences smiling, dancing, and celebrating the great stuff of life. Sol’s stage presence calls out to even the meekest of souls, breaking down walls and bringing the light in. She does this with a healthy dose of hilarity; you can hear a Sol James audience laughing a mile away. Sol is a dynamic performer who can really grip an audience.

Sol’s an in-demand performer in the Winnipeg scene, appearing at a plethora of shows and festivals, opening for acts like Suzie Vinnick, The Brothers Landreth, Red Moon Road, Jack Semple and Sweet Alibi. She’s also lent her backing vocals to the likes of the Weber Brothers, the Billy Joe Green Band, the Dusty Roads Band, and the Small Glories.

She’s also an experienced music teacher. A graduate of the University of Manitoba Jazz Program, she teaches vocal and jazz lessons at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Art, and at University of Manitoba Jazz Camp. She can also be found sharing art, expression and joy in hospital environments as a performer with Artists in Health Care.