Shelley-Lynne and Richie Hardinge


Shelley-Lynne, along with partner Richie Hardinge, will belt out her all-original blues/rocks set, borrowing some jazz, latin, funk and folk genres for good measure. She writes from her heart and takes a huge risks sharing deep, taboo, emotional and truthful aspects of her life. When she delivers her own heart break, you’ll be surely moved.

Shelley Lynne has touched many during her career but it’s her songwriting for her album, "Reclaim Your Land” where she shows she's found her calling in music. Having fronted many bands in Canada from rock to country, Shelly has also shared the stage with Take With Audio and The Sheepdogs in July 2011, and played along side of JD Edwards, NQ Arbuckle and Romi Mayes. Shelley has also opened for Buffy Saint Marie, Danny B, Wax Mannequin, and the Weber Brothers.

Shelley Lynne has performed to audiences at home in Canada, over seas in London, England and yearly trips to Mazatlan, Mexico. Her music has been featured on many national and International Radio Stations including: CBC Saturday Night Blues, At the Crossroads radio program, The Bluzndablood Show, Digital Blues on KCOR, KRVM’s Breakfast With The Blues, 92.9 Kick FM’s Beer for breakfast, Romney Marsh FM (UK), Boys in the Basement (UK) and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. She has signed a record deal with BSMF Records in Japan and looks forward to sharing some great music there!