Schedule 2017

The 2017 Schedule will be up in a few weeks.  Stay Tuned!


Friday – Host: 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac
7:00 Intro
7:20 Richard Inman
7:55 Dust Rhinos
8:40 Allison Brown & “Uncle” Dan Henshell
8:55 Scott Nolan
9:35 Bicycle Face
9:50 Jess Rae Ayre
10:35 Festival Poem
10:45 Ron Sexsmith

Saturday Daytime
12:00 Duos
The Small Glories,The New Customs, Allison Brown & Dan “Uncle” Dan Henshell
1:00 New Canadian Songbook
Young Pixels, Allison Brown & Dan “Uncle” Dan Henshell, Richard Inman, Kev Corbett
2:00 Chuck Copenace/Bicycle Face/Sol James
3:00 Who wants to play with Leonard Podolak?
The New Customs, The Small Glories, Kev Corbett, Dust Rhinos, Sol James
4:30 Poems Musicians Make
John K. Sampson, Scott Nolan, 2 Dope Boys In a Cadillac
5:30 Logan Jax Oxenham

Saturday – Host: Kev Corbett
6:00 Young Pixels
6:40 Matt Zimmerman
6:55 Sol James
7:40 Logan Jax Oxenham
8:10 Mitchell Mozdzen
8:25 Shelley-Lynne Hardinge
8:55 The Small Glories
9:45 Leonard Podolak
10:00 Dirty Catfish Brass Band
10:45 Kev Corbett
11:00 Little Miss Higgins and the Winnipeg Five

Sunday Daytime
12:00 Dearly Departed
Dirty Catfish Brass Band, Kev Corbett, Richard Inman, The New Customs, Simon Davis, Dale Brown, Leonard Podolak
1:00 Songs For The Land
The Small Glories, Bicycle face, Scott Nolan, Jess Rae Ayre, Mitchell Mozdzen
2:00 Dust Rhinos/Dirty Catfish Brass Band
3:15 Mixed Tape
The Slightly Dirty Catfish Brass Band, The New Customs, Dust Rhinos, Sol James, Jess Rae Ayre, Kev Corbett, Allison&Dan, DPH
4:25 Local Showcase
Matt Zimmerman, Mitchell Mozdzen, The 204
5:25 Little Miss Higgins/Leonard Podolak/Allison Brown & “Uncle” Dan Henshell

Sunday – Host: Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner
6:00 Chuck Copenance Band
6:45 Jess Rae Ayre
7:00 The New Customs
7:45 Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner
8:00 John K Samson and the Winter Wheat

Subject to Change and we will post changes and additions as we confirm them

Please note each of the evening’s closing acts are performing concert length sets!