Food & Drink

With great music comes great food!

We are pleased to announce the following food vendors on site for the 32nd Annual Brandon Folk, Music & Art Festival!

The Walleye Wagon

Fish & Chips, fish tacos, pickerel burgers, fries, beverages.

Mr. D23

Filipino style foods, including spring rolls, dumplings, adobe pork sandwiches, Filipino style noodles, deserts, and beverages.

The Big Happy Taco

Bannock, Bannock Taco (meat and veggie options), poutine, beverages.

Forbidden Flavours Mobile

Speciality coffees, ice cream, hotdogs, hamburgers, smokies, beverages.

Little Europe

German fare including schnitzel, perogies, homemade soups, veggie wraps, and fruit salad.

Kim’s Sushi

Various fresh sushi platters.