The Brandon Folk, Music & Art Festival offers on site camping for festival goers!

Although we welcome dogs to the festival site, dogs are not permitted in the campground.

Campground Pass
Individual $15.00
Family $25.00

There are two ‘campgrounds’ to chose from. We have a regular campground where there are some notorious late night jam sessions that take place. (NO DRUM JAMS) However, if this is not your style and you are looking to get a guaranteed good nights sleep, we do offer a ‘quieter campground’. This is still located on site but a little ways away from the regular campground to isolate the noise as much as possible. This was newly introduced in 2012 to much praise and was even the choice of some of our musicians!  When you purchase please add in the notes that you want quieter camping.  It’s not mandatory if you want to camp there but if we have a heads up on how many people are camping there we can better serve your needs.

Individual Campground Pass – is valid for one individual festival goer

Family Campground Pass – this is valid for multiple people sharing a tent in our campground. Whether that be a family with children, or just a couple of people sharing a tent, if you are not alone, this is your option!  Pass covers a maximum of two adults of any relationship in any combination and as many children that you are legally the guardians of.

RV Camping – We have a limited number of RV camping spaces available. For those of you who wish to purchase a RV pass you will be required to pay the initial $25 for your RV and family pass which incldes two adults of any relationship and as many children that you are legal guardians of. Any additional patrons camping in said RV will be required to each purchase an individual campground pass for $15. Load in time for RV’s/trailers is to be completed during daylight hours. After arrival on site you must be accompanied by 2 volunteers to be sure the safety of everyone in the campground.  You cannot leave your vehicle (car, truck)  in the campground.  If you are hauling a trailer prepare to unhitch it and leave it.  Trailers or rvs are only allowed on the perimeter of the campground, not inside the treed area which is reserved for tents.

NO PETS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CAMPGROUND.  They are allowed on the main festival site, however. Other campgrounds are available in the city, as are the lovely kennels in the Brandon area. Exceptions will be made for certified Seeing Eye or other Service Dogs.