The BFMAS has served Western Manitoba for 32 years. Founded in 1985 as a not-for-profit organization, the BFMAS carries a broad mandate for the support and promotion of the arts and culture in Western Manitoba.  In 1989, the BFMAS was granted registered charitable tax status.  As an umbrella organization with the capacity for professional management and coordination, the BFMAS is proud to offer arts and cultural programming for it’s city and the rich and diverse community of arts and cultural groups that call Westman home.


The BFMAS is dedicated to promoting emerging and innovative multi-arts programming with an emphasis on cultural and disciplinary diversity. The first annual Brandon Folk, Music and Art Festival was held at Brandon University in 1985. Since that time, the festival and the organization have grown into other areas of year round programming, including events in dance, music, theatre, spoken word, and visual arts.


Throughout its activities, the BFMAS strives to facilitate and support growth amongst artists and cultural groups while cultivating arts appreciation in Western Manitoba.  This growth is promoted by creating and enhancing connections between artists (i.e., emerging, amateur, and professional) at all levels (i.e., locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally) and across disciplines (e.g., music, spoken word, visual arts).  These exchanges are fostered through performance, mentoring, partnerships, workshops, and professional development.  The Annual Brandon Folk, Music, and Art Festival and the year-round Emerging Artists Program are our premier events.  Throughout the calendar year, the BFMAS is heavily involved with partnering presentations and supporting open studio residencies.


The BFMAS audience is broadly diverse in terms of age, demographic, and cultural background with 4,000 audience members attending the Annual Brandon Folk, Music and Art Festival, and at least additional 7,000 visitors that attend year-round programming, Free workshops, working with local emerging artists, organizing programming that is accessible across audiences, and direct response to other organizations’ needs, all compose the basis for the BFMAS’ ongoing year-round programming rooted in community outreach.

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